Vintage Candleholders Double Light Etched Base Clear Glass Bridal Shower Gift Wedding Gift Vintage Glass Candleholders Dinner Table Decor

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Gorgeous vintage candleholders feature an etched base. These double candleholders are shown in the book "20th Century Glass Candle Holders" and are listed as unknown maker.

Each stands 5.75" high and are 8" across at the top. The base measures 5.25" diameter.

They are pressed glass and each hold two candles. Lovely addition to a formal dinner setting. Each candleholder has what appear to be cracks in the base and where the center of candleholder meets the base. These do not go through the glass. These small cracks in the glass are called "checks". They're manufacturing flaws from the factory. Glass with checks should not be subjected to extreme changes in temperature, such as a dishwasher. This could cause the glass to break.

There are also a few air bubbles. I've not found any nicks, chips or chigger bites.

The first picture has a greenish-cast: this is not in the glass but was caused by the forest behind our house.

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