Vintage Decanter Liquor Wine Decanter Barware Etched Flowers Applied Handle Stopper Liquor Cabinet

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Vintage wine or liquor decanter has lovely etched flowers on the base. Applied handle. Some air bubbles are visible. No pontil mark on base. Stopper is still with the decanter. Where the stopper is inserted, there is a mark which goes nearly all the way around the inner mouth. See picture #3. Decanter stands 11.5" without stopper, about 15" with. There is a scratch near the top of the handle which measures about .25" in length. The stopper also has a scratch which is about as large as a pencil point. In addition, there are many tiny dots on the stopper. These did not wash off when I wiped it with a damp cloth so may be part of the glass itself. They don't detract from the overall appearance.
Decanter is heavy and will be well packed.
I wiped the exterior with a damp cloth and rinsed the interior with warm water and Dawn. It will need to be more carefully washed when it reaches its new home.